True Christian Stories
by Deb Matthews

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Welcome! Here's another true Christian story from my collection of things that have really happened to me (including stories about miracles, angels, Civil Air Patrol and God's love and blessings). This is one from the 70s about God's perfect timing.

God Of Perfect Timing
Copyright © 1999 & 2000 by Debra K. Matthews. All rights reserved

One thirty, I thought as I stowed my backpack in the rear of my station wagon.

"Three o'clock," came the clear thought back.

No, one thirty, I thought again. I need to get gas, then go downtown to REI. I should make it into Ephrata about one thirty.

I was getting ready to go to Eastern Washington to teach a Civil Air Patrol class on Land Search and Rescue -- initials "L.S.A.R." for short. Among other things, I had been trained as an Operations Officer for my squadron. Years of planning activities made it automatic for me to build a time schedule in my head, even when I wasn't in charge of the overall event I was heading to.

I knew from experience how long it took to travel between various points, and how long I would need downtown. I calculated automatically in my mind that I should get to the training camp about one thirty that Friday afternoon.

I forgot about the "still small voice" that had said three o'clock, and continued packing the car, then headed out. I got gas and then drove into Seattle to the big outdoor supplier that was one of my favorite shopping places.

It's a good thing I don't live closer, I thought, or I'd always be broke! I was always adding to my supply of camping and hiking gear. And being involved in search and rescue, I was always on the lookout for newer, lighterweight gear -- anything to lighten my backpack and still be well equipped.

Well, I got delayed in traffic and then again waiting in line to pay for my purchases at the store before finally heading over the pass. As I pulled into town later that day, I happened to look up at a clock in a barber shop window. It said exactly three o'clock!

I smiled -- remembering that the Bible says even our "times" are in God's hands. Speaking to my heavenly Father, I affirmed again, "You really are a God of perfect timing!"


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