True Christian Stories
by Debra K. Matthews

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Welcome! Here's another true Christian story from my collection of things that have really happened to me. This is a cute story from the 80s about a three-year-old's perception of giving offerings to the Lord.

"Do You Bury It?"
(A Child's Offering Story)
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One of the most fun age groups to teach is the two- to three-year-olds. Everything you tell them is new and exciting to them. Plus, they can come up with some of the cutest thoughts and ideas on why things are the way they are.

Back in the eighties, I had one very thoughtful little three-year-old who really enjoyed money. The slightest mention of it and she would perk right up and be all ears, wondering what we were going to say about it, and maybe how she could earn some herself.

One day, I was telling the class about tithing and giving offerings. 'Annie' (not her real name) sat listening attentively as I explained about bringing our presents of money to Jesus. Her little brow was knit deeply and I could tell she was really thinking about that. Finally, she looked at me very earnestly and asked, "If Jesus is in heaven, how do you get the money to Him? Do you dig a hole in the ground and bury it?"

The simple truth and innocence of that question took me back for a second. "No," I answered, with a big grin. "God has a very special way that we get the money to Him, Annie.

"When Jesus was here on earth, God gave him a very special job to do. His heavenly Father told Him to go and tell everyone He could that God loved them and wanted to help them. But Jesus didn't have time to find everybody and tell them what God said. Pretty soon He had to go back to heaven, so He asked His disciples to keep doing that job for Him.

"Do you know who helps Jesus do that job today?" The children all shook their heads and waited anxiously for me to go on. "People like our pastor ... and missionaries ... and me ... and the other teachers. The Lord gave each one something He wanted them to do for Him.

"But, you know what? We can't do it very well without money. It takes money to buy Bibles so people can learn about the Lord. It takes money to buy your Sunday School books, and to buy paint and nice things for the school and our classrooms.

"So, we get to do something really neat for the Lord, because we love Him, and we want to help other people know He loves them, too. We get to bring our presents of money to the Lord, and give it to His helpers. Then they take it and buy the things that the Lord wants them to buy. We get to help Him help other people."

Annie liked that. She became a good giver all the time she came to Sunday School, always bringing her special gift to the Lord. And I believe He's been blessing her ever since!


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Added January 10, 2000