True Miracle Stories
by Deb Matthews

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Welcome! Here's another true miracle story from my collection of things that have really happened to me (including stories about miracles, angels, Civil Air Patrol and God's love and blessings). This one is about God's love in healing me of the flu in a worship service.

Healed in Worship
Copyright © 2000 by Debra K. Matthews. All rights reserved

Why was I here? I ached all over, and my stomach was at war. I was feverish and weak, but I had to be here. I couldn't not be here.

'Here' was church on a Sunday night, and the one place I wanted to be most when things were out of sorts. 'Here' was where I could sing with the rest of the 'family' of believers. Where I could draw close to the Lord in a corporate body of worship. True, I could worship Him at home, and draw close to Him at home, and feel His presence at home. But the Bible also told us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.

Yes, I know God is present everywhere, but there's just something special about worshipping with a large body of believers. There's an atmosphere of faith that fills a building when a whole group of people starts laying aside all the troubles that weigh them down and purpose to turn their thoughts and hearts over to the Lord. And that's exactly what happened that night.

As I stood singing on the platform with the rest of the worship leaders -- as nauseated as I felt, and with my whole aching body wanting very much to be home in bed -- I purposed to just open my heart to the Lord. I joined in with the rest of the congregation and put my whole heart into the worship.

On that Sunday night, I sensed a wonderful presence of the Lord as we concentrated on ministering to Him. We weren't there asking Him for anything. We were simply worshipping Him for His love and His goodness. We were acknowledging Him as Lord, and singing praises, love and worship songs to Him. Thanking Him for His love toward us. Praising Him for His goodness. Worshipping Him for all the wondrous things that He is.

At some point in the service, I ceased paying attention to the aches in my body. By the time the service was drawing to a close, all I wanted was to stay there and continue in the Lord's presence.

Finally, it was over, and we all headed home. It wasn't until I walked in the door of my apartment that I suddenly realized, I wasn't sick anymore! The flu had left completely!


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Added January 16, 1999