True Angel Story
by Deb Matthews

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Welcome! Here's another true miracle story from my collection of things that have really happened to me (including stories about miracles, angels, Civil Air Patrol and God's love and blessings). This one is about God sending an angel to help on a rappelling cliff during a Civil Air Patrol training weekend.

Angel By The Cliff - A Rappelling Miracle
Copyright © 1998 by Debra K. Matthews. All rights reserved

I was on a Civil Air Patrol search and rescue training weekend in Eastern Washington with a group of C.A.P. cadets. I had tied a climbing rope to a power pole high on a cliff and brought the rest of the coiled rope up to the cliff's edge while everyone else was getting their harnesses on.

I looked out over the edge of the cliff where the cadets would be rappelling, then picked up the bundled rope. With the slack tied-off end of the rope in one hand, I reached backwards with the coiled end in my other hand and then swung it out as hard and far as I could, sending it out over the cliff.

The bundle went sailing outward, but instead of neatly unwrapping and falling straight down, the rope immediately became tangled like a big snarl of seaweed.

"Oh, oh," I said out loud.

I grabbed for the upper end of the rope with my free hand and went to pull it back up, but the tangled knots got caught between some rocks jutting out from the cliff below. I jiggled the rope some, trying to get the tangle to fall lower so I could maneuver the rope sideways around the outcropping. Nothing worked. The knotted mess was firmly wedged in the rocks.

The thought came to me, 'My guardian angel could get it out for me.' I had had three different incidents recently where God had visibly sent an angel to help me. It seemed perfectly natural to think that the Lord would send help now, but questions suddenly came to my mind.

'Would He do something with all those kids standing there?' All three of the previous times, I was alone when an angel came.

I remembered times when Jesus did some things privately in the Bible, like when He made the mourners leave the room and only let the parents and three disciples in with Him when he raised the little girl from the dead. What would the Lord do now with a dozen teenagers looking out over the cliff?

I stood there for a moment looking over the edge, pondering what to do. Finally, in a half-joking tone, in case nothing happened, but at the same time praying with all my might, I cupped one hand by my mouth and called out over the cliff face, "Oh, Guardian Angel!"

I didn't see anyone, but immediately the entire tangled mass of rope jumped about three feet out from the cliff and over the outcrop where it had been stuck!

"Thank you, Lord!" I said, and grabbed the rope as fast as I could to keep it from falling back into the same spot. We brought the rope up, untangled it, and sent it back down the right way, to do our training.


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Added July 11, 1999