"Healing for America" Project
Story by Debra Matthews

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There are too many factions trying to pit us against each other. Let's resist the temptation to discount each other, and have the courage to bring all our combined talents, experiences and knowledge together to accomplish great things.

We the Rest of the People
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I constantly hear people from one group or another saying, "We the People", saying they want to solve issues, but when you try to ask questions for clarification, or offer up ideas, you find that what they are really saying is, "We the people of THIS group, EXCLUDING everyone else."

Have you ever noticed, though, how in the aftermath of disasters like the massive mud slides, hurricanes and tornados, giant earthquakes and fires, we suddenly forget what 'group' we stick by? When great trees fall on the neighbors' houses or parked cars, we rush out to help no matter what. We don't stop to check each other's credentials or memberships. Instead, neighbors pour out all over the disaster-stricken area, looking for any way we can help each other.

In disasters, we Americans rise to the occasion, time after time after time. Here in 'the greatest nation on earth', Americans are big-hearted and quick to respond. No other nation on earth pours all the money and help all over the world like we do. We come together -- men and women, boys and girls, rich and poor, union and non-union, old and young, black, white, red, brown, yellow -- knowing it takes all of us to make things right again.

I've said it elsewhere that among other things I'm a team-builder. I love seeing people work together to accomplish great things. I know there's not a single man, woman, boy or girl alive in this world who has all the answers. We all come from different backgrounds. We all have different talents, experience, knowledge, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Maybe one idea won't work by itself in the current situation, but bits and pieces of many ideas can come together to solve an immediate problem, and buy us time to research and get more lasting solutions in place.

So, when I say, "We the Rest of the People", I'm not just talking about 'the 99% that's left out', or 'the x-percent with all the money', or any other way we can describe our groups. When I say "We the Rest of the People", I'm saying regardless of what group each of us is in, and if the leaders of those groups may be trying to count the rest of the people out, let's you and I come together and recognize every group needs the rest of the people that were counted out. ALL have something to contribute and we need each other.

Let's 'We the Rest of the People' - who know we ALL matter - take courage in hand and start to listen to each other, refuse to let those who profit from keeping us divided stop us from coming together. Let's ALL roll up our sleeves and come together and talk and work on the things facing our families, communities and country. It's time to get started.


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