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Welcome! God wants you whole and well, and he has a mission for you that will help your buddies still fighting overseas, even more than you could help them if you were still over there. This is an introduction to that.

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I grew up in a war zone of domestic violence, not only in my own home, but in the homes of families around me. While it is nothing like watching your friends blown up by land mines, and so many other things you experienced in the middle east, it can make you question God's existence.

The Lord has brought me through a lot of lessons and taught me about what is called spiritual warfare. Once, when a family member tried to hurt me because I wouldn't give him money for alcohol and drugs, and I escaped out of the house, I started praying in a different way as God led. When I came back to the house later, it was as if the person was glued to his chair. He couldn't touch me.

Another time, when I was praying about the terrorist threats, the Lord spoke -- not in an audible voice, but deep down in my heart -- and said, "Bind the weapons, plots, and plans of the [terrorists]." I knew it referred to verses in Matthew 18, and prayed as He said. And, yes, I know I'm not the only one God is saying this to. The point is, the next day, it was in the news that a man had tried to light a shoestring bomb on a plane, but it wouldn't light. God had intervened!

There have been many lessons like that over the years. God has really put a burden on my heart to write some of the ways wounded warriors can receive His total healing, and how with Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you can be equipped to stand in the gap for your buddies still overseas. When they're in the heat of battle, they can't see all the threats around them, but God knows them, and He needs you and me ready to pray instantly when there's a need.

While we sit complaining, "Where is God??!", God is actually saying, "Where are you? I gave you the authority in the earth to fight the enemies that come against our nations and the spiritual evil* that influences them." This section is about the ways God has taught me over the years on how we can be ready in the spirit to hold off the powers of darkness, stand in the gap for our buddies in battle, and open the door for God to bring amazing victories in His name. And in the midst of helping them, we help and bring healing to ourselves as well.

(*Note: For an excellent movie, watch "War Room" on DVD or Blu Ray)


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