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--Debra K. Matthews

Healing for America    (intro)
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God wants this nation whole, but healing for America begins with healing the church. The Church, through the Bible, has the answer to every problem the people of this great nation are facing. Name any problem and the Bible has the answer; but God works through His people, standing on the promises in His Word, using the authority Jesus gave them - the authority and power the Bible says Jesus delegated to His people when He rose triumphantly from the grave. Jesus is seated in heaven now, looking down and calling the church to wake up and get back to doing the job He gave us to do.

Many in the Church are paralyzed with fear over prophecy they don't understand. They read the things that belong to the Tribulation period and think they apply to today. Instead of standing up in the authority Jesus gave them to make things better, many are hunkered down in fear.

Many Christians are sick, even though the Bible clearly tells us that healing belongs to us today. They have been taught traditions of men, and are missing out not only on being healed themselves, but in helping those around them find scriptural healing.

Even in the faith movement, which tries so hard to stick with the Word, there are some things that slip over into traditions of men that can subtly hinder the fulness of revival the people desire - the REAL one that God is ready to pour forth all over this world. He is just waiting for us to get going.

This then is the purpose of the Healing for America project. It's to bring up many of God's answers for the healing of the nation. It's about helping those who have never heard the Word know how very much God loves them and wants to bless them. It's about calling churches back to the love and purpose of God, and about judging and adjusting ourselves to avoid the natural consequences that can come from being outside of God's safety net.

It's also about getting God's vision back into the church - to reach the lost and hurting, and be that safe haven where people can come feel loved, and grow in God's love, grace and healing. And finally, it's about equipping the church spiritually to reach the lost with what one minister said God told him was "the good news of God's overwhelming desire to treat us as though sin had never happened".


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